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Revenue Cycle Management

Savvy is the leading provider of technology-enabled RCM services for hospitals, health systems and physician groups.

With a flexible engagement approach, Savvy seamlessly complements a healthcare organization’s infrastructure, quickly driving sustainable improvements to net patient revenue and cash flows while reducing operating costs and enhancing the patient’s financial experience.

Key Differentiators


Savvy’s service delivery and quality is made possible through our Best-of-Breed protocols spanning across our Engagement Process, Quality Management, Training and Compliance programs.

Transparency –

From SLAs to Result Visibility we ensure our commitment to be 100 % transparent with you.

Industry Experience –

With collective experience of  50+ years Our leadership team comprises of seasoned professionals who have mastered the core domains of their operational expertise

Assured Data Security and Confidentiality –

We are 100% HIPAA compliant and committed to data security through rigorous security protocols

A simple Pricing Model –

Revenue optimizations being a driver, our pricing models are Simple, and flexible to meet your operational requirements.

Smooth & Seamless Transitions –

Our structured transitions process ensure no disruptions to revenue flow

Round the clock operations –

We are committed to be there for you 24×7 with focus on reducing any revenue lag.

Buffet of services to select from –

Savvy offers unique solutions to select from based on your practice’s needs. Easy engage – Disengage model ensures you are always in control of managing your revenue

Integrity  Commitment & trust –

We value the trust which you have put with us and we are committed to exceed your expectations by ensuring 100 % adherence to SLAs with full integrity.

Our Experience and Expertise in leading EHR & Billing Platforms ensure to leverage the best your platform has to offer.