Authorization & Referral Management

Most physicians and other providers agree that staff time spent on getting prior authorizations form insurance companies takes too much time out of a busy workday that could be spent on other necessary tasks. Unfortunately, a smaller practice’s billing and back office staff may already be stretched to the breaking point, so initiating and following up on “pre-certs” can sometimes be overlooked altogether – at least until a bill comes back as denied for reimbursement.

We can work with you directly to obtain pre-certification data, update patient information and demographics, process enrollments – all determined by your unique business needs. Just because bad debt and patient liability are on the rise, that doesn’t mean that your business should be negatively impacted. Let us work with you to define business practices that will ensure your costs stay low and revenue and patient satisfaction stay high.

  • Verify if authorization is required for planned procedure / Lab / Radiology order.
  • Submit an authorization request
  • Check the status of an authorization

Similar to Authorizations, A successful physician referral program is imperative for any healthcare practice with an eye toward growth. However, if you don’t have the time or expertise needed to build and maintain a doctor referral program, consider the advantages of partnering with the Doctor Referral Institute.

Our team has the experience and a proven system that will increase the volume and quality of your patient referrals – which can significantly boost your bottom line. We know exactly what it takes to obtain condition-specific patient referrals and cater to the exclusive needs of healthcare practices of all types and sizes.