Consulting Assignment

Medical billing is not a “one size fits all” solution. Finding the right partner that understands your practice, specialty and billing needs can be difficult

At the heart of every American healthcare organization—hospital, health system, or medical practice—is the desire to deliver quality care to its patients. The question is how to provide exceptional care delivery when there is continual pressure to reduce costs and growing uncertainty around payer strategies and payment models.

Execution excellence is the answer.  Our healthcare clients have found that we understand the complex, highly interdependent organizations that comprise an agile and adaptable health system, driven by a capable, engaged workforce.

With that understanding, we have partnered with clients to identify and yield millions of dollars in savings through streamlining work and processes, workforce planning, and improved employee engagement.

Optimization goals are achieved through simple methodology like


Work flow mapping for your revenue stream


SWOT analysis of practice’s workflow


Developing analytics strategy and focal points


Strategic reimbursement optimization


Targeted Receivables management


Goal setting and KPI dashboard visualization


Self-pay and third-party billing optimization


Reviews and audits of all areas that impact revenue cycle efficiency: Interviews with key personnel, complete claims review, claim checks, proration rules, billing groups, and others


Preliminary and final written assessments and detailed recommendations


Plans for Growth and evolution strategies for your business


Leveraging Technology to save time / resource / efforts.


Simple projects undertaken with full confidence of your management team.