Contract Negotiations

SAVVY'S Contract Negotiation service

Understanding -Executing- Building Relationships

We know the Ins and Outs of Successful Hospital Insurance Negotiations and Service Pricing

Many practices simply ignore this crucial wheel in your Revenue Cycle. Amendments to your contracts are always assumed not possible and practices remain content with periodic revisions made by the payers that they are contracted with. We recommend you to analyze your contracts periodically. You are playing vital role serving community more importantly serving the clients of Insurance companies, you already have your first ace.

Savvy Health care solution help you analyze your payer contracts and special jargon payers use to explain the payment methodology. We at Savvy follow a staged approach targeting your major payers to analyze the scope of Negotiations and then carry out extensive and persistent negotiation rounds with your Payer network coordinator on your behalf. Impact of contract modification is explained, analyzed and presented to you before obtaining your consent.