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Eligibility Verification

Over 10% of all healthcare claims are denied because a patient does not clear the eligibility verification for healthcare services billed to the insurer. Often, a patient would be ineligible to claim for benefits because the policy has
been terminated or modified. Unfortunately, Patient Eligibility Verification is one of the most neglected elements in the revenue cycle.

Savvy can help practices significantly increase their revenue by reducing the ineligibility. Numerous problems occur due to the lack of proper eligibility and benefit verification. These include delayed payments, increased errors, nonpayment of claims and patient dissatisfaction. To avoid these problems, Savvy provides a remotely hosted solution for Eligibility Verification at Hospitals and Medical Practices. Savvy deploys expert staff, Savvy available via a toll-free number, and working remotely with the objective of delivering high-quality cost effective patient insurance eligibility and related services


Our team includes skilled and talented insurance specialists who are always geared to serve you. Some of the services that we offer are -

  • Health Insurance Document Verification
    Once we receive all the necessary documents from the healthcare organization, our team analyzes each one of those to ensure that the records are verified. We collate the paperwork in sequential order as demanded by the insurance provider.
  • Patient Insurance Coverage Verification
    We verify the patient’s insurance coverage with the primary and secondary payers along patient liability like deductible, copay and co-ins or any out of pocket cost and benefits which are covered under the patient plan. Our team completes the verification process by accessing the insurance provider’s online portal or by directly calling them over the phone.
  • Patient Information Correction
    Our insurance support executives also follow-up with the patients for any incorrect or missing information/documents. This helps to keep a track of filed/unfiled information and verifying all the collated information prior to the final submission.
  • Claim Submission
    Lastly, we provide the final claim details to our clients. It includes the required documents and other relevant information such as member ID, group ID, insurance coverage dates, copayment (co pay) information, etc.

Coding Services

Accurate and efficient medical coding is crucial to your health care organization’s ability to meet financial and compliance goals. With a comprehensive range of proven medical coding services, Savvy delivers outstanding quality and accuracy. Supported by credentialed colleagues who receive ongoing coding training, our team of experts at Savvy is recognized throughout the health care industry for providing medical organizations with consistent medical coding results. Savvy offers coding staff, services, strategic sourcing and education solutions to raise the performance level of your medical coding organization and deliver outstanding quality and accuracy. Many medical coding clients experience coding accuracy percentages in the high 90% range.

Savvy Coding Services

Provide integrated solutions and expert services that comprise our innovative approach Enhance collaboration between medical coders, CDI specialists and physicians Improve A/R days and cash flow Reduce lost reimbursements, medical coding backlogs and noncompliance risk Conduct rigorous recruitment exams, credentialing requirements, reference and background checks required for employment Savvy delivers high quality and highly secure, global 24/7 medical coding services through our global center of excellence.

Claim Management

We ensure appropriate and timely submission of claims and track claim status. We submit scrubbed claims either through any industry standard state-of-the-art clearing houses.

Payment Posting and Balance Billing

Our team of specialists post payments to patient accounts and identify claims for denial and underpayment recovery. Any unpaid / denied claims are identified for further action. Any balances as per the primary payor are either billed to secondary payers or the patients.

Denials and Underpayment Recovery

You can outsource your hard-to-collect or outstanding claims for complete recovery. You can also outsource your contract management services to us to ensure that you are getting paid in compliance with your payor contract and help you prepare for your payor contract negotiations. Our team pursues every claim to its logical conclusion and provides you detailed reports on activities for each claim maximizing your revenue as well as visibility.

Patient Balance Collection

We use innovative technology-assisted processes, along with patient advocacy to optimize collections and shorten lead times on collection of patient balances. We provide you daily visibility on patient balances as well as prepare standard bad-debt reports for your further actions.

RCM Analytics

We provide infographic view of your practice’s claims, collections, receivables, and denials with average turnaround times with drill down reports to track finer details of claims. We can also help you glean insights from your practice to convert into action plans to improve your performance.


Success rate of claims being PAID on the first pass


Average improvement in cycle time of A/R


Maximum Claims Billing Lag

  • Move beyond the standard revenue cycle service
  • Reduce costs and get paid more with effective data capture, active follow-ups, and collections monitoring, and error free processing and payments.
  • Increase revenue with intuitive software and world-class support that eases the burden of medical billing and coding processes.
  • Spend less time focusing on administrative duties and gain more time with your patients resulting in a stronger patient/physician relationship.